Pick and Choose Forgiveness

I was sitting in Church, listening to this great Christian singer. He gave his testimony and told how he committed adultery and other things and how he is now back on the right track. I watched at how everybody was so accepting.

Why can’t we forgive and accept when it’s an ex president or a senator or a golfer? Why do we fell the need to do the judging and the spreading of information? Why don’t we stop and think how much the family is hurting and how we are hurting them every time we press play on a stupid video, or make a joke, or share a post on social media?

Do we not think that their children may see this? Or do we think that because their parents are in the spotlight that they automatically have this dome that lets nothing the public says about their parents penetrate?

Why can’t we allow “famous” people work on getting the plank out of their eye? We just keep jabbing it deeper and deeper without trying to remove ours.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe He said “only forgive the Christian singers” but instead “forgive others”.

Everybody does stupid stuff. If it’s not directed toward us, then why do we become so bitter and hateful. Use your words for good instead of evil.

I agree that we need to protect our little eyes, ears, and mouth. We need to shield our children. But are we really shielding them or are we letting them see a different kind of hatred?

Love others!


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